To inspire the next generation of students to see the importance of languages.


We allow students to access the relevant knowledge of what exciting career opportunities MFL skills can offer.

We demonstrate the importance of bilingualism and cultural capital across all fields and professions, perfect for the business world! 

 Showing students the true value of language uptake beyond teaching, translation and interpreting.


Courses run throughout the year (Including school holidays)

  • Classes on situational and functional language through role-play 

  • Grammar practice

  • Discussions on the socio-economics of influential countries

  • Panel discussions series 

  • Professional mentoring on soft skills and CV development

  • Networking opportunities  


This is for Undergraduate students on a non-language related degree that are looking to do a work placement abroad.

We aim to give students a foundation of situational language to aid their transition into their time abroad or work placement. 

Tailored to build confidence and prep you for professional conversations.

This is a great was to impress your employer! 


We develop partnerships with State Schools and run panel discussion sessions where students can hear from young graduates/professionals across  different industries where languages are highly valuable.

We aim to provide motivational talks on language uptake and insight into the career opportunities that arise from being multi-lingual. 



BSc (Hons), PGCE (French, Business and Economics) 

Naomi is a teacher of Business Studies, Economics and French by profession in a London based State school. As a non-native French speaker, Naomi has trained in both State and Private schools. During this time, Naomi observed the large disparity of language uptake and retention between the two different schooling systems. This led Naomi to conduct intensive research, as part of the PGCE, around language uptake and motivation of students from a low socio-economic background. Naomi attributes low language uptake, to the lack of cultural appreciation and lack of awareness of the greater benefits this can offer.

Having learned a second language from secondary school and continued it through university, despite being discouraged, Naomi is well aware of the benefits and opportunities that speaking a second language can offer.

Naomi has incurred a genuine passion to motivate students through their academic journey and to reframe their attitudes towards the value of languages. This led to the creation of Languages That Talk.


At Languages That Talk, we are all about encouraging young people to value and learn different languages. A vital aspect of our work entails Language Ambassadors, who work directly with young students and support them in many ways.

This is a fantastic opportunity for undergraduate students, with a passion for languages, interested in gaining hands-on experience within a London based educational start-up.